Welcome to Rock the World Fitness! We are delighted and honored to have you join us. This may be your first step to experiencing the exciting world of martial arts or perhaps you are a seasoned martial artist.  However much experience you have, we welcome you!

As with all important things in life, Rock the World Fitness began with a fierce love and burning desire to create something incredible for our community. All energy and focus has been aimed towards building martial artists in body, mind and spirit and creating a place where this could be possible. When you join us you will train hard, learn, grow and make lifelong friends who share your passion for health, fitness and becoming the very best martial artist you are capable of becoming.

We are an independent martial arts gym that is locally famous for our group classes and private training. We get you in the best shape of your life and keep you excited and entertained as you learn some of the most incredible arts in the world!  We are friendly, personable and dedicated to you and your path, whether it is a focus on the martial arts, fitness, or just having the time of your life!  We have a community of members that will support you, uplift you, and cheer you on through your workouts. You will get world-class and detailed instruction and you will feel comfortable and right at home from day one! 



Erik is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Korean Martial Art of Hapkido, beginning at the age of 15 he dedicated his life to improving and learning the incredible skills and techniques of this specialized art. He has appeared in Black Belt Magazine and has performed several live demonstrations throughout his career.

Training mainly in Hapkido, he soon discovered an entire world of amazing and deadly martial arts. He has trained under some of the biggest names in Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali and Wing Chun for over 15 years and his lifelong goal is to pass on his vast knowledge to those who want to learn.

Erik is the owner of Rock the World Fitness and has dedicated his time and energy to creating a world-class training facility for everyone of all experience levels.



Emily is the co-owner of Rock the World Fitness and has been training in the martial arts for over 14 years. She started in Wushu at the age of 15 and continued for several years, also traveling to China to train with the Beijing Wushu Team at Shichahai Sports School. Once discovering and being introduced to Hapkido, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu, she fell in love the the arts and began training and learning for years to be able to spread the knowledge of these worlds to anyone she could.

As a martial arts instructor her greatest desire is to pass on her passion and a sense of confidence, motivation, fulfillment, and discipline to all of her clients as they get into peak physical condition. Not only does she want you to increase your everyday health and learn some of the worlds best martial arts, but also to increase the quality of your everyday life as a whole.


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